Scientific Board

CEFRES’s scientific board is comprised of eight members: two nominated by the Charles University in Prague, two by the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic, two by the French Ministery of Foreign Affairs and two by the CNRS.
Its missions are to:

  • appraise the collaborative scientific policy; it is the consultative body of the CEFRES director with regard to scientific projects
  • evaluate applications submitted to the post of director of CEFRES
  • take part in the validation of applicants to the post of project leaders or to researchers assigned to CEFRES.

Composition of CEFRES’s Scientific Board

  • Ms. Eva Voldřichová-Beránková, Docent, Philosophy Faculty, Charles University
  • Ms. Emmanuelle Boulineau, Docent, Ecole normale supérieure, Lyon
  • Mr. Jacques Dubucs, Scientific Director for the sector “Humanities and Social Sciences” of the French Ministry of Education, or his representative project manager Mr. Benoist Pierre
  • Mr. Zdeněk Hrbata, Professor at the Institute of Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences, or his representative Ms. Taťána Petrasová.
  • Ms. Clélia Chevrier-Kolačko, Vice-Director for higher education and research, or her representative Ms. Maëlle Sergheraert, head of the section of humanities, social sciences humaines and archeology at the French Ministery of Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. Jan Maršálek, Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences
  • Mr. Guillaume Métayer, Researcher at CNRS (CELLF, CNRS / Université Paris-Sorbonne)
  • Ms. Lenka Rovná, Vice-Rector of Charles University for European Affairs

Chair of CEFRES’s Scientific Board: Ms. Lenka Rovná.

Former members 2014–2017:

  • Ms. Mirjam Friedová, Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University
  • Mr. Alexandre Gefen, Researcher and Deputy Director of InSHS at CNRS

French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences – Prague