CEFRES team’s research news


Luděk Brož (Czech Academy of Sciences/CEFRES) and Virginie Vaté (CNRS/CEFRES)
Date: 18 April 2019, from 10:00 to 13:00
Place: Quai Branly Museum, Paris
Organizers: Carole Ferret and Frédéric Keck
Title of the seminar (EHESS): “Relations hommes-animaux : questions contemporaines”
Title of the contribution: “Bewildering Boar: Changing Cosmopolitics of the Hunt in Europe and Beyond”

Thomas C. Mercier
(CEFRES / UK Post Doctoral Researcher)
Date: 10-12 April 2019
Place: University of Winchester, Winchester, UK
Organizer: The Faculty of Education of the University of Winchester
Title of the workshop: “Deconstruction in Conversation: Conversation in Deconstruction”
Title of the contribution: “Jacques Derrida’s Deconstruction of Pedagogy in the Unpublished seminar ‘GREPH: Le concept de l’idéologie chez les idéologues français’ (1974-1975)”

Florence Vychytil
(PhD student EHESS / CEFRES)
Date: 9 April 2019
Place: EHESS, Paris
Organizer: Nancy L. Green (EHESS)
Title of the contribution: “Une culture politique de la dispersion ? Les Polonais du monde libre entre intégration et exil durant la Guerre froide
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Doctoral seminar at IIAC
Felipe Kaiser Fernandes
(PhD student EHESS, associated at CEFRES)
Date: 21 March 2019
Place: EHESS, Institut interdisciplinaire d’anthropologie du contemporain (IIAC), Paris
Organizers: EHESS – IIAC
Title of the contribution: “Les migrants vietnamiens en République tchèque: une étude sur les lignées familiales et les réseaux économiques au marché de Sapa (Prague)”

PhD students and young researchers meeting
Martin Pjecha (PHD fellow CEFRES)
Date: 13 march 2019
Place: Akademické centrum, Prague
Organized by: Centre for Medieval Studies
URL Program
Title of the contribution: “The neo-Platonic roots of Hussite reform”

Thomas Mercier (CEFRES / UK Post Doctoral Researcher)
Date: 8 March 2019
Place: Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
Organized by: American Comparative Litterature Association
URL Program
Title of the session: “Violence: Of the idiom”
Title of the contribution: “Violence: Of the impure”

Benedetta Zaccarello (Research Fellow at CEFRES) and
Kannan Muthukrishnan (French Institute of Pondicherry)
Date: 7 and 8 March 2019
Location: Pondicherry
Organisers: CEFRES (CNRS-MAE) and French Institute of Pondicherry
Title of the workshop: “What is an archive in India and Europe?


Jérôme Heurtaux
(CEFRES’ director)
Date: 28 February 2019
Place: Prague
Organized by: Faculty of Arts; Martin Nejedlý and Jaroslav Svátek
Séminaire historique franco-tchèque
URL – Program
Title of the lecture: “How did Communism collapse in Poland?”

Presentation of the research career
Felipe Kaiser Fernandes (PhD student EHESS, CEFRES Associated PhD student)
Date: 25 February 2019
Place: Ceará State University, Brazil
Organizers: Professor Ana Silvia Rocha Ipiranga and Felipe Kaiser Fernandes

Jérôme Heurtaux
(CEFRES’ director)
Date: 22 February 2019
Place: Bucarest, Villa Nöel
Organized by: Centre régional francophone de recherches avancées en sciences sociales
Title of the conference: 1989 : 30 years after
URL – Program
Title of the contribution : Round Table “Political desillusion in Central and Eastern Europe?”


Chiara Mengozzi
(FF UK associated at CEFRES)
Date: 11 January 2019
Place: Prague, FF UK, #217
Organized by Praxis, the association of students in Philosophy at the FFUK
Title of the conference: Ženství – ironie obce [La féminité – ironie de la cité]
URL – Program
Contribution : “Ženy a migranti – ironie obce” [Les femmes et les migrants – ironie de la cité]

Florence Vychytil-Baudoux
(PhD. fellow EHESS / CEFRES)
Date: 3-6 January 2019
Place: Chicago
Organized by the Polish American Historical Association
Title of the conference : Polish American Historical Association’s 76th Annual Meeting (as part of the 133rd yearly meeting of the American Historical Association)
url :
URL – programme du panel sur le site de American Historical Association
URL – programme sur le site de Polish American Historical Association
Contribution : “Building the Diaspora. Circulation of Ideas and Practices between French and American Polonii during the Cold War”


Julien Wacquez, PhD fellow (EHESS / CEFRES)
Date: 4 December 2018
Place: Prague
Organized by Večerní Kavárna Souterrain
Title of the event: Textual Practices/Practical Texts: (Re)writing the Publics


Virginie Vaté, Research fellow, CNRS (CEFRES)
Date: October 25, 2018
Place: Berlin (Germany)
Organizer: The European Commission, the Republic of Finland, the Federal Republic of Germany
Title of the conference: Second Arctic Science Ministerial
url: https://www.arcticscienceministerial.org/en/index.html
Function: Member of the French delegation, representative for social and human sciences sent by the CNRS

Thomas Mercier
, post-doc CEFRES / UK
Date: 18-19 October 2018
Place: Bratislava
Organized by Institut de philosophie de l’Académie slovaque des sciences
Title of the conference: Young philosophy
url: http://www.klemens.sav.sk/fiusav/?q=en/youngphilosophy
Contribution: Uses of ‘the Pluriverse’: Cosmos, Interrupted or the Others of Humanities

Pavel Baloun, PhD fellow at CEFRES and FHS UK
: October 25-28, 2018
Place: University of St. Andrews
Purpose: Meeting of the research group (ERC advanced grant “Roma Civic Emancipation between the two World Wars”)
Contribution: Case of Czechoslovakia (together with Slovak historian Anna Jurová)


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