List of interns

Gabrielle Franck

Master student in “International Relations and Politics and Public Administration“. Joint Master between the two universities: Charles (Prague) and Konstanz (Germany)
Thesis topic: “Collective trauma and Identity struggle: underground factors of the 2019 South American demonstration waves. The cases of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.“
Professional interests: Collective memory, International Relations and Geopolitics, particularly in Africa and South America.
Internship period: July-September 2020
Research and administrative internship

Zoé Neboit

Master 1 of French, General and Comparative Literature at University of Strasbourg. Currently doing an Erasmus exchange at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts
Research and study fields : History and sociology of European literature, Literary History of women and feminism, Poetry of the XIXth and XXth centuries, Travelling of ideas and writings
Master thesis topic: The first Parisian Bohème: a literary and social confrontation between the models of the mansard and of the Salon
Internship period: February–April 2020
Research and administratif internship

Timothé Freddo

Bachelor student in History and Geography at the University of Orléans – Department of Languages and Human Sciences. Currently in Prague on exchange at Charles University, within the Faculty of Arts
Research and Study fields: History of Non-violent Resistance, International relations during the 19th and 20th centuries, History teacher
Internship duration: January-February 2020
Administrative internship

Etienne Coudrais

Bachelor student in Political Science at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. Currently in Prague on exchange at Charles University, within the Faculty of Social Sciences
Research and Study fields: Political science, Analysis of public policies, particularly in relation to the territory, Public law, Institutional system of the European Union
Internship duration:January-April 2020
Administrative internship

Cécile Poulot

PhD student in German studies  – University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle
Research fields: German and European cultural history, history of art and architecture
Thesis topic: Adolf Loos: a Viennese architect with a Connected Career Interwar Europe
Internship period: November-December 2019
Research internship

Armelle Bilembo

Joint Master TEMA+ ELTE / FF UK.
Preparatory classes and BA in history – Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne
Research and Study Fields: History, urban and cultural anthropology, migrations and minorities studies, the role of space in the formation of ethnic identities
Master thesis topic: Blackness and europeanness: the role of the locality in the formation of identity and self-perception
Internship period: October-December 2019
Research and administrative internship

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