List of Interns

List of Interns at CEFRES 2014/2015
List of Interns at CEFRES 2015/2016
List of Interns at CEFRES 2016/2017
List of Interns at CEFRES 2017/2018

List of Interns at CEFRES 2018/2019

Coline Perron

Franco-German Master in History and Civilization/Geschichtswissenschaft at EHESS, Paris and Ruprecht-Karls Universität, Heidelberg
Research fields: contemporary history, especially the history of the Eastern countries during the communist period; cultural mediation in the field of historical memory, particularly problematics around the opening and making available of archives; administration of cultural institutions, including history museums; translation of literary texts (French /German/English + intermediate level in Spanish and notions of Russian); intercultural communication
Master thesis topic (provisional title): Independent environmental groups in the GDR in the 1980s
Internship duration: February-April 2019
Research and administrative internship

Marie-Anna Hamanová

Master studies in Interpretation (Czech–French) and Czech Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Research fields: Interpreting, Bilingualism, Psycholinguistics, Contemporary Czech literature
Master thesis topic: Bilingualism as a disadvantage? Lexical retrieval in the bilinguals’ first language
Internship duration: July–September 2018
Administrative internship (translation)



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