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NSDAP members’ sociology : the Germans’ workers national-socialist party in the annexed territories of the IIIrd Reich (Alsace, Moselle, Eupen-Malmédy, Sudètes), from 1938 to 1944.

Research area 2 : Norms and Transgressions.

My research deals with the NSDAP members in the annexed territories of the IIIrd Reich. It takes place in a comparative study between four European territories, and focuses on the biography of the NSDAP members. Indeed, this deliberate act, because the NSDAP adhesion was not mandatory, was the result of a long-process procedure, often individual, sometimes familial. The individual decisions could be opportunistic, thus badly thought, if not unconscious, in order to get a better position. Whereas the collective adhesion, like the familial one, were rather linked with strong traditions – religious, cultural, social – submitting, at one moment, to the dominant speech.

This study is a sociography with an interdisciplinary approach (sociology, psychology, anthropology and history). It concerns practices and social facts, in this case the ones of the involvement, or even the ones of the marginality of those who are involved. Thus, it also deals with the management of this transgression, which is the involvement of inhabitants from those annexed territories, alongside German National Socialists, as an integration in the new order established at the local, regional and European level. The scale change lets us to see if those social practices are same or different in those four different annexed territories of the IIIrd Reich between 1938 and 1944.


Education and diplomas

Since 2017: Member of the Trinational Doctoral College (Paris, Saarbrücken, Luxembourg) : The International History by Interdisciplinarity. European and Franco-German Perspectives at the XXth Century.

Since 2016: PhD studies in Contemporary History, at Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV), ED 2 SIRICE (UMR 8138), under the supervision of Johann Chapoutot.

2013-2014: 2nd year of MA in Germanic worlds history, Strasbourg University. Topic of dissertation : Saverne 1940-1944 : Germanisation et Nazification d’une ville d’arrondissement durant l’annexion allemande.

2013: Certification in History of Art.

2012: 1st year of MA in History and Civilization in Europe, Strasbourg University.

2012: BA in History of Art, Strasbourg University.

2010: BA in Archeology, Strasbourg University.

2010: Certificate of History and Geography in German language, and certificate of Alsatian language.

2001: Teaching diploma in History and Geography.

Stays abroad

2019: Invitations by Prof. Dr. Michael Wildt at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and from Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hüser at the Universität of Saarlandes.

2017: Seminar at Weimar in Germany about « Gedenkstättenpädagogische Erkundungen – Konzepte und Methoden zur Erschliessung von Orten zur NS-Geschichte ».

2016-2017: Attachment to the March Bloch Center of Berlin.

2010: Internship about Shoah in Israëm at Beith Lohamei Haghetot et at Yad Vashem.

2007: Pestalozzi internship at the European Council in Calw, Germany, about « Europa im Geschichtunterricht ».


Since 2017: History and Geography Teacher in the XVth arrondissement of Paris.

2015-2016: German teacher at Alpadia Language Schools in Berlin.

1998-2015: History and Geography teacher at the Yechiva of the Srasbourg Eschel Center.

2013-2015: Teacher of History and Geography, of “Euro-German” class, of facultative option of History of Arts, of Alsatian language and of Regional Alsatian Culture and Language at the Institution of Christian Doctrine in Strasbourg.

1998-2013: Teacher of History and Geography and of Regional Alsatian Culture and Language at the Episcopal College of Zillisheim (1998-2001), and then at the Seminar of the Youngs from Walbourg (2001-2008), and finally at the Institution of the Christian Doctrine in Strasbourg (2008-2013).

Grants and awards

2017: Mobility grant for researchs led under the frame of the Doctoral Franco-German College “L’histoire internationale par l’interdisciplinarité. Perspectives franco-allemandes et européennes au XXe siècle”.

2015: Nomination for the grade « Chevalier dans l’ordre des palmes académiques ».

2007: Bronze medal of Youth and Sports for 20 years of involvement in dance and animations.


  • Alsatian: Mother tongue.
  • French: Mother tongue.
  • German: C1 level.
  • English: Intermediate level.

Other activities

Since 2018: Member of the Scientifical Council -Memorial Monument to the Second World War victims from Alsace and Moselle.

Since 2007: Member of the Administration Council of the Société d’Histoire et d’Archéologie de Saverne et des Environs (SHASE).

Since 2000: Member of the Pedagogical Commission of the Alsace-Lorraine Memorial.

Since 1996: Vice-President et founder President (1989-1996) of the the Association d’Histoire militaire Le Fantassin de Saverne and initiator of various exhibitions.

From November 2016 to July 2017: Representative of PhD Students at March Bloch Center in Berlin (participation to the Laboratory Councils, representation, mediation, offices management…).

2008-2015: Responsible of the scholar exchange between the Rathenow Gymnazium, Germany, and the Strasbourg Christian Doctrine Institution, France.

1994-2015: Commissioner of four great exhibitions about the First and the Second World Wars, and of smaller ones.

2008-2014: Initiator and responsible of the project about the duty of memory with some study trip in Auschwitz (2008-2014), Bruxelles and Amsterdam (2010), Dresde, Theresienstadt, Lidice and Prague (2011), Nuremberg and Salzbourg (2012), Belfort and Clerval (2013), Treblinka, Warsaw and Krakow (2014) with the help of the Foundation for Shoah Memory.

2004-2009: Initiator and responsible of the Resistance and Deportation National Contest at the Seminar of the Youngs form Walbourg (5 laureates) and at the Christian Doctrine Institution.

Publications and collaborations


“L’étude sociologique des membres du NSDAP dans les territoires annexés au IIIe Reich de 1938 à 1944 (Alsace, Moselle, Eupen-Malmédy, Sudètes). Exemple d’une prosopographie à l’échelle européenne”, acts from the study day of PhD students from the Ecole doctorale d’histoire moderne et contemporaine (ED 188) “Construire et maintenir un réseau. Biographie et prosopographie : individus et groupes sociaux en histoire”, Lettres Sorbonne Université.
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Francia-Recensio 2018 2 ISSN: 2425-3510
Dirk Thomaschke, Abseits der Geschichte. Nationalsozialismus und Zweiter Weltkrieg in Ortschroniken, Göttingen, 356 S.
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Filed of research at Sorbonne Université: PhD students from Faculté des Lettres Sorbonne Université introduce with pictures their field of research.
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Les années 40 ou la vie quotidienne sous des régimes d’exception, exhibition catalogue for the temporary exhibition, presented at La Maison du Kochersberg à Truchtersheim in 2005, designed and constructed by Henri-Pascal Jung, Albert Lorentz, Louis Ludes, Lise Pommois and Pascal Schneider.