Two post-doctoral positions at CEFRES co-funded by the Charles University

Deadline for submission: 2 August 2019
Period: 1st January 2020—31st  December 2021
Application Language: English
Address for submission: (please copy the email to

Two post-doctoral researchers will be recruited from 1st January 2020 for two years at CEFRES. They will be both affiliated to CEFRES and to a relevant department for their research at Charles University. Both post-doctoral researchers will be recruited on the basis of the quality of their research project. The results will be published in October 2019. 

1. CEFRES research areas

The first post-doctoral position is intended for researchers whose research project can be part of one of CEFRES’s three research areas:
Research area 1 – Displacements, “Depaysements” and Discrepancies: People, Knowledge and Practices
Research area 2 – Norms & Transgressions
Research area 3 – Objects, Traces, Mapping: Everyday Experience of Spaces
For equal scientific quality, preference will be given to a project on the social, economic and political transformations of contemporary Central Europe.

2. Research project: TANDEM program

A specific competition to recruit a second post-doctoral researcher whose work covers one out of three possible topics listed below. The selected candidate will work in association with a researcher from the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and a researcher assigned by the CNRS within the frame of the TANDEM program.

Topic 1: “Adverbial Experience: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Czech and French Art”

This research project will associate the post-doctoral researcher with CAS researcher Tomáš Koblížek (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences).
Description: The project will focus on contemporary art (literature, music, plastic art, photography etc.) from the perspective of today aesthetics. The candidate will work in the domain of aesthetics and/or the history of art.

Applicants may contact Mr. Koblížek before applying for any relevant questions on their application at Koblizek [at]

Topic 2: “Peace and Environment: Alain Touraine, Eastern Europe and Analysis of Social Movements under Communism”

This research project will associate the post-doctoral researcher with CAS researcher Doubravka Olšáková (Institute of Contemporary History of the CAS).
Description: Candidates from across social sciences and humanities are invited to explore social movements in Eastern Europe in the second half of the 20th century. They can also dedicate their research to Alain Touraine’s research under the perspective of sociology or history of science.

Applicants may contact Ms. Olšáková before applying for any relevant questions on their application at olsakova [at]

Topic 3: “ The Europe of Resentment and Rubble: a Confederation of the Vanquished?

This research project will associate one post-doctoral researcher with CNRS researcher Michèle Baussant (Institute of Political Social Sciences, University Paris Nanterre).
Description: Mapping interior frontiers, silenced pasts and living memories of displaced post-imperial (European) minorities (ie. Sudeten and Bukovina Germans, Ukrainians from Poland, Italians from Istria, Europeans of Algeria…). 

Applicants may contact Ms. Michèle Baussant before applying for any relevant questions on their application at michele.baussant [at]

Application Package

Applicants must submit the complete application package consisting of the following elements:
The application form duly filled in: download HERE. The application form includes the description of the research project which must:

  • specify the name of the TANDEM research project or the CEFRES research area you want to apply to and explain how your research befits it.
  • include an explanation on the methodology and inputs of your own research, as well as a selected bibliography (max. 1 page-long)
  • include expected outcomes (publications, conferences, and so forth).
    • A letter of reference from the former PhD supervisor: download HERE. The letter must mention the title of the PhD, the date of defence etc.
    • A detailed CV
    • A list of publications
    • A copy of the PhD diploma

Application packages must be submitted by 2 August 2019 electronically in an email entitled “YOUR LAST NAME_CEFRES-UK” at: (send a copy to his assistant: Please send the application form in both PDF and as a Word-document. Applicants are welcome to contact the PIs of the research projects they apply to before sending their application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • be high-level young researchers from abroad (non-Czech), who defended their PhD no more than 10 years prior to the application deadline in a university outside the Czech Republic
  • conducting a research befitting one of the research projects described above (or CEFRES research areas)
  • good command of English is mandatory

Framework of the Charles University (UK) and CEFRES co-financed post-doctoral position

As a partner of CEFRES Platform, Charles University recruits two high-quality post-doctoral research fellows who are non-Czech and you have defended their dissertation outside the Czech Republic. They will be assigned to CEFRES, within the frame of the Charles University’s International Post-Doc Research Fund. These two positions are renewable one-year fixed-term contracts and start on 1 January 2020 at CEFRES. The gross monthly salary is 32 000 CZK. UK-CEFRES post-doctoral researchers will be affiliated to both CEFRES and a relevant department of one of the faculties in social sciences and humanities of the Charles University according to their main discipline. They are expected to:

  • contribute through their own research to the research project they apply to
  • take part in the scientific life of CEFRES
  • submit a yearly report on their research advances to the director of CEFRES
  • come to live in Prague from 1 January 2020.

Calls for applications has been published on Charles University’s website. CEFRES will be amongst the hosting institutions of the University Post-Doc Research Fund.


The interdisciplinary selection jury of the CEFRES mobility grants auditioned 14 candidates on May 28, 2019. It congratulates all the candidates for the high quality of their file and their hearing.

After deliberating, the jury have decided:

  1. To give a one-year « Young fellow » grant to M. Eraldo Souza dos Santo (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne ), to support his research entitled “Désobéissance civile : Un essai de généalogie conceptuelle”.
  2. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to M. Jakub Střelec(FSV UK), to support his research entitled „How to cure the war? The development of psychiatric knowledge and its impact on the social stability of post-war European societies between 1945 and 1968: A comparison of ‘deviant’ crimes in Prague, Düsseldorf, and London“.
  3. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to M. Felipe Fernandes (EHESS) to support his research entitled „Les migrants vietnamiens en République tchèque: une étude sur les lignées familiales et les réseaux économiques au marché de Sapa (Prague)“.
  4. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to Mrs Františka Zezuláková Schormová (FF UK) to support her research entitled „African American Poets Abroad: Black and Red Allegiances in Early Cold War Czechoslovakia“.
  5. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to Mrs Yulia Moskvina (FSV UK) to support her research entitled „State, Squat, Society“.

It has also decided to propose a contract of Phd Student Associate to the following candidates:

– Mrs Ekaterina Zheltova (FSV UK): „National belonging, transnational localities, and ideologies of language: Discursive practices at the Greek-Albanian borderlands.

– Mrs Anna Simbartlová (FFV UK): “Civic Integration of Immigrants in Central Europe: Case of Austria and the Czech Republic“.

– M. Vojtěch Šarše (FF UK), „The Image of Cultural Decline in the Anticolonial Francophone Sub-Saharan Novel: The processes of subjectivation, objectivation, reification and identity emptiness“.

– Mrs Tereza Sedláčková (FSV UK): „Multiple Responsibilities in the Context of Compulsory Vaccination System in the Czech Republic“.

– M. Pavol Kosnáč (Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno): „Paramilitary Groups in Slovakia: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Structure, Motivation and Environment“. 

All the winners are asked to contact me ( without delay (copy to to inform me of their decision regarding the scholarship or the contract of association.

CFA: TANDEM Program, CNRS / AV ČR, 2020-2022

This year, the French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences in Prague (CEFRES, USR CNRS 3138), CNRS, and the Czech Academy of Sciences (AV ČR) are launching the second call for applications for the “TANDEM” incubator program. “TANDEM” is a program of the CEFRES Platform and endeavors to excellency in social sciences and humanities.

The aim of the TANDEM program is to associate two researchers, one from the AV ČR, one from the CNRS (French National Research Center), around a joint research project leading to the submission of an ERC project (Synergy grant, but also Starting, Consolidator, or Advanced grant).

Continue reading CFA: TANDEM Program, CNRS / AV ČR, 2020-2022

The director and the researchers of CEFRES express their support to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The director and the researchers of the French Centre of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences (CEFRES) are deeply worried about the dismantlement threatening the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the biggest academic institution of the country. They express their full support to the president of the Academy, Mr. Laszlo Lovasz, and to the whole academic community of Hungary, concerned with the respect of academic freedom and intellectual independence.

One of the CEFRES’ main missions is to promote research in Humanities and Social Sciences and to build long-term cooperation with universities and academic institutions in the four Visegrad’s countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland). The CEFRES’ team is alarmed at the current discourse stigmatizing partners whose intellectual relevance and academic excellence cannot be questioned and at the succession of reforms aiming at weakening them. They express their full support to their colleagues of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, to the Central European University and to all the academic institutions which are currently threatened.

Prague, the 10thof March 2019

CFA: 2019 CEFRES Platform Award

for Best Article (published in English or in French) in Social Sciences and Humanities

Deadline for applications: 26 April 2019
Prize Amount: 213 CZK (i.e. 9.261 CZK)
Official Award Ceremony:  26 June 2019
Language of application: English

This award is included within the Jacques Derrida Award organized by the French Embassy in the Czech Republic and Mgr. Karel Janeček, PhD., MBA, which rewards the best PhD research work in social sciences and humanities in the Czech Republic.

Born from the desire to support young researchers from the Czech Republic who endeavour to embed their research within the European and international networks, this initiative from the CEFRES Platform aims to award an article in social sciences and humanities published in a high-level peer-reviewed academic journal. 

Since 2014, CEFRES Platform gathers the French Research Center in Social Sciences in Prague, the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Prague.

Young researchers from all disciplines in social sciences and humanities from the Czech Republic may apply to the CEFRES Platform special award, whatever the topic of their research may be. Applications must be sent directly by young researchers themselves to the following address:

Eligibility Criteria 

  • to be a Czech or Slovak PhD student or doctor who defended the PhD thesis at the earliest in 2011 in a university of the Czech Republic (so-called “cotutelle” PhDs are eligible)
  • to submit to the award competition an article in English or in French published in a peer-reviewed academic journal recognized by such databases as Web of Science, Scopus, or by the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH plus)
  • to have published the afore mentioned article between 2016 and 2019 (articles accepted for publication will be excluded, the award being renewed yearly)
  • to submit one article only: applications including two or more articles will be excluded from the competition

Application Package

The following information completed:

  • Name and Surname:
  • Date and place of birth:
  • Personal email:
  • Personal phone number:
  • Personal address:
  • Professional email:
  • Professional phone number:
  • Professional address:
  • Subject of Thesis:
  • Date of (past or forthcoming) defence:
  • Year and Faculty of registration:
  • PhD supervisor(s):
  • Discipline(s):

The application should also include:

  1. An academic curriculum vitae, including a list of publications
  2. An off-print of the submitted article for the Prize. NB: only one article will be considered; applications including two articles will be excluded
  3. The complete bibliographical references and a short summary of the submitted article in English or French. Please specify which database mentions the journal (Web of Science, Scopus, or ERIH plus)
  4. A letter explaining the originality and prospects of the research involved in the article

An interdisciplinary jury presided over by the director of CEFRES and representatives from the CEFRES Platform will select the laureate. The laureate will be notified by 14 June 2019 and will have to be available for the award ceremony.

Supported by Mgr. Karel Janeček, MBA, PhD., the award will be given at the Pantheon of the National Museum (Prague) on 26 June 2019 along with the other scientific awards of the French Embassy.

To apply to the Jacques Derrida Award, see the conditions here!

French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences – Prague